Episode 27 | The Challenge

November 30, 2018

This episode we start  the 'New Bowhunter Challenge. Every year many of us liketo buy the newest bows that hit the market. For the beginner bowhunter and many bowhunters out there, this just isn't an option. We decided this year to start the challenge of buying a hunting setup with a budget of $500 dollars. That's $500 for everything you need to set up a bow and go hunting; bow, sight, arrow and broadheads, arrow rest, etc. 

If you're just starting out and looking at getting into the sport the sticker price is probably intimidating and demotivating. This is to encourage hunters especially new hunters that you can go out and get it done on a budget. For the guys who are already into bowhunting. I challenge you to put the money you save towards a hunt or a tag that you have been wanting to go on. It's the "buy tags, not gear" mindset. 

Let me know on isntagram if you decide to take the challenge! try and get some buddies to do the same thing and go on a hunt you couldn't otherwise afford!

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Episode 26 | Hunting Arizona & First Aid With David Thomson

November 28, 2018

David Thomson from "TheArmsRoomShow" Podcast and Independence Training joins me to discuss what you need for first-aid in the backcountry and the basics to hunting Arizona. Check out David's podcast for firearms and self defense information. Check out the links below for more information!



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Episode 25 1/2 | Blacktail 2.0 UNCUT - WARNING EXPLICIT CONTENT

November 15, 2018

This is the Uncut version of Episode 25. Mature language and content. This contains 40 extra minutes of unedited content that some may find offensive. I'm joined by Anthony and Wayne to discuss more in depth blacktail rutting techniques to help you on your next hunt. 


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Episode 25 | Blacktail Episode 2.0

November 15, 2018

I sit down with Wayne and Anthony for another episode on hunting blacktail in the rut. We have had some requests to do this episode so here it is! 


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Episode 24 | Idaho Mule Deer Recap

November 9, 2018

On our drive back my dad and I record a conversation about how the hunt went. It was a very sentimental episode for me and I really hope you enjoy the conversation.