Episode 43 | Starting A Rifle Build With Brian Delcollo

February 8, 2019

I sit down with Brian Delcollo and Brayden to discuss the beginning stages of building a long range rifle. This will be the beginning of a rifle series, a lot like we have done for the archery topics; covering beginner to more advanced aspects of long range builds. Let me know what you think about this episode. I've been excited to dig into this area and hope you enjoy!

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Episode 42 | “Better Archery Through Aggressive Spending” With Carl Vaughn

February 1, 2019

This was a fun Episode to record with some good friends Anthony and Carl. Carl has been a comepition archer for over a decade and has a real good insight in setting a yourself and your bow for success. We discuss releases and Stabilizers for shooting wanting to up their game. The conversation leads to a lot of rabbit holes as usual which keeps the conversation interesting. 


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