Episode 23 | Public Land, Baboons And GoWild With Brad Luttrell

October 27, 2018

Brad Luttrell, from the Restless Native Podcast and the the GoWild app and I talk about some mainstream social hunting issues. From the recent baboon fiasco to the Rogan/Dudley public land debate; we cover it all. We also cover the GoWild App and some exciting news for GoWild users. 

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Become a member of GoWild. Belong to a community of fellow outdoorsmen and woman that share the passions you do, FOR FREE! IT's social media made for hunters by hunters. 

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Episode 22 | Elk Hunting Recap With Mike Batease

October 22, 2018

Mike Batease, from the Elk Calling Academy, joins me to talk about how our elk seasons went. I pick Mike's brain on some things that we ran across this year and talk about an excited giveaway! Check out Mike's instagram at @elkcallingacademy or visit his YouTube channel at Elk Calling Academy. 

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Episode 21 | Common Archery Mistakes

October 14, 2018

Royce Chambers and I sit back down for our second live broadcast on common archery mistakes. We cover areas that we still work on, too things that I see at the range. Are you guiilty of any of these accuracy stealing mistakes? 

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Episode 20 | Building A Youtube Channel

October 7, 2018

This Episode Royce Chambers from the Bow Hike Podcast joins me to talk about building a YouTube Channel. We give tips on how to get started, building a subscriber base and strategies for uploading videos and maximizing views. I talk about my experiences on YouTube and how to make money from monetizing your content. 


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Episode 19 | Hunting Black Bears With Derek Carlton

October 1, 2018

Derek and I sit back down to talk about bear hunting strategies. Derek has some great information that will help you get more encounters with these awesome animals. From Spring to Fall bearhunting to shot placement this episode has it all!