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Episode 29 | Building Your Platforms With Cody Rich

Episode 29 | Building Your Platforms With Cody Rich

December 30, 2018

Cody and I talk about building your YouTube and Podcast Platforms. Cody talks about his journey into building one of the bigger hunting podcasts out there, and gives tips for starting and building your own!

You can check out by visiting www.therichoutdoors.net 

I pick Cody's brain on what it took for him to build his podcast from the ground up. It made for a great podcast discussing some of the pitfalls that people can fall into who want to start their channel, and how to stand out among the crowd. I hope this helps you get started or reach that next level in your endeavors!

Cody's newest business is the www.backcountryfuelbox.com

A subscription box that lets you try out backcountry foods before your next hunt!


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Episode 28 | The Rain Dancing Merchild

Episode 28 | The Rain Dancing Merchild

December 14, 2018

This Episode I sit down with a friend who's been on both sides of the fence when it comes to meat and hunting. We discuss her perspective as it's evolved into an understanding of where meat really comes from and also towards hunting in general.

This is a great conversation to better understand the other sides perspective on hunting and eating meat. I hope you enjoy. 


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