On Point With Garrett Weaver

Episode 08 | Are You A hunting Ambassador? With Chasing Moby & Mtn Minded

June 25, 2018

I get to sit down with Sage Davis from @chasingmoby and Luke Evans from @mtn_minded. I ask about their stories growing up and how they got to where they are now. Both Luke and Sage have ambitions to make a difference in the hunting industry, whether it be through filming hunts or sharing the lifestyle with those who don't. We also dive into being an ambassador to hunting and how you can help raise the bar on how hunters are portrayed. 

www.purlpleheartoutdoors.com To get involved or donate to the foundation that Sage Davis talked about. 

Sage has a YouTube Channel and Instagram. Check them out! @chasingmoby

Luke's website is www.mtnminded.com you can also find him on instagram; @mtn_minded 

Thanks to www.huntershaul.com for giving our listeners 10% off there subscription box when sing promo code "opten"



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