Episode 13 | Gear Priorities For The Day Hunter

July 24, 2018

Anthony and I discuss the "must haves' for our day hunts. These are items that we consider crucial to our success. We also cover items that are "wants" more than "needs." Wandering what you may be forgetting on your next hunt, let us help you remeber!

Episode 12 | The Broadhead Episode

July 16, 2018

This episode is all about broadheads. I sit down with Anthony and Chris to discuss many different aspects of broadheads. We hear it all the time; "what's the best broadhead?" Well, we dive into what broadhead may be the best for you and your setup and for the animal you're hunting. 

You can follow Chris at Elk_River_Archery on Intagram

You can follow Anthony on instagram at Teamdirtytrad 

Episode 11 | Spot and Stalk Muledeer With South Cox

July 13, 2018

I get to sit down with South Cox from Stalker Stick Bows to talk about spot and stalk Muledeer. South has had some great success stalking big bucks with his trad bow and shares his tips and strategies for making it happen. 

South's newest film; Stalker Films "Return To The Backcountry" is becoming available very soon so be sure to follow his instagram at @stalkerstickbows for details. 

Visit his website @ www.stalkerstickbows.com for more inforamation. 

South's podcast: The Western Bowhunter

Episode 10 | Elk Calling Academy With Michael Batease

July 9, 2018

Want to learn how to speak elk? Michael Batease from the Elk Calling Academy drops some great insight on how to call Elk. From a beginner to the experienced elk hunter, this episode will have you thinking about what to say come this September. After this episode you will know what each call sounds like and when to use them; giving you an advantage this season. 

You can reach Michael at michael@elkcallingacademy.com 

Instagram: Elkcallingacademy

YouTube: Elk Calling Academy

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Episode 09 | Building Your Brand With Jason Phelps

July 2, 2018

This Episode I got to sit down with Jason Phelps from www.phelpsgamecalls.com to talk about his background as an elk hunter and entrepreneur. This is an area that Jason and I are passionate about. He shares some insight on how he was able to grow his company into the well established and respected brand it is today.